IBBIA Membership Review Form 


Name of Bed & Breakfast ____________________________________________________Date _________________

Street address __________________________________ Mailing address___________________________________

Town _________________________ IA  Zip ________  Phone # ___________________Cell # __________________

Email _____________________________________  Web site ____________________________________________

Owner's name(s) ___________________________ Innkeeper's name(s) ____________________________________


B & B Business Information

*Sales tax # ___________________ & Date ________*Proof of Ins/Liability, etc. ______________________________

Ins. Agent's name ________________________ Address __________________________ Phone _ ______________

If providing extra guest activities (hay rides, animal petting, buggy rides, etc.)  Show proof of extra coverage

If B&B has a swimming pool or hot tub: Iowa Cert# ______________________________________ Date __________

If water source is not from a public system, must be tested annually by State Hygienic Lab or Local Health Dept.

Proof of Testing: _____________________________________________ Date _________

*If providing food services other than lodging guests: Food Service Lic# _______________________ Date _________


Review Recommendations

Prior to reviewing ~ Answered phone with B&B's name ______________ 

Exterior ~ View from street ________________ Overall outside appearance ________________________________


Interior ~ Common areas: (Comfortable seating, good reading light (indoors), reading materials, local info re restaurants, activities, etc.) Comments:



Policies, brochure, lodging registration form (Please provide copies of what you use to reviewers.)

Comments: ____________________________________________________________________________________


Breakfast Type Offered: Full Continental Basket Delivered to Room Self Serve Kitchen Restaurant Paid

Kitchen Condition & Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________________________


Guestrooms ~ # of guestrooms:_______

                *Evacuation Plan - behind door__________________________________________________

                *Escape route ~ 2nd stairway, rope ladder, other____________________________________

                *Smoke detector, each room, test________________________________________________


Suggested Items for Guest Bedrooms

Comfortable chairs                  Good lighting 

Reading materials                   Place to hang clothes & hangers

Place for Luggage                   Full length mirror

Clock/radio                             Flashlight

Night light                               Linens, clean, repaired, no stains

Extra pillows, blankets                        Pillow protectors, mattress covers 

Wastebasket   Reviewer Comments_____________________________________________________________________________________


Suggestions for Bathrooms

GFI safety outlet or switch       Adequate lighting

Wrapped soap                        Soap in dispenser

Extra Toilet Paper/Tissues       Protected Water Glasses

Wastebasket                          Tub/shower/sink - clean, uncluttered    

Toilet/floors - clean, uncluttered

Reviewer Comments ____________________________________________________________________________



Recommendation and additional comments not included elsewhere: ____________________________________________________________________________________


*Improvements required for approval (all items with an * are required) to be completed 14  days from review date.

List: ___________________________________________________________________________________



I understand I must complete the above requirements within 14 days in order to be approved.

Innkeeper's signature:___________________________________________ 




Reviewer(s) recommend approval of Owner's membership to the IBBIA Board?  Yes    No



Reviewer's signature _____________________________________________ Date __________________




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Last Revision: Tuesday, May 22, 2007