Greenfield, Iowa

Greenfield is a can-do community that takes pride in its rural heritage, its historic buildings and its people. Visioning and planning have established Greenfield as a progressive community interested and active in industrial, commercial and tourism development. The community recognizes the value of its children and provides for their academic needs while also developing opportunities for their interaction with the community.
In 1996, Greenfield became a Main Street town.  We are one of 33 communities in Iowa and have joined the coast to coast movement led by the National Main Street Center involving more than 1,000 communities across the country.  This program encourages investment in downtown distributors and spurs the rehabilitation of historic structures, which in turn provides space for new business and creates new jobs for local citizens.  Greenfield's people and businesses invite you to come and visit our community and see our pride and experience our hospitality.

There are many terrific sights to visit in the Greenfield area.  There is surely something for everyone.  Check these great possibilities!

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